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Blingle! Empowers Franchisees: Cheryl Alker's Path and Love for Service


Blingle! stands out in franchising by empowering its dedicated franchisees with the foundation to create thriving businesses. As the premier outdoor lighting franchise, Blingle! ensures that each franchisee receives comprehensive support and training, laying the groundwork for them to grow their businesses and impact communities.

The story of Cheryl Alker, a new Blingle! franchisee, perfectly illustrates this commitment to empowering entrepreneurs. Cheryl's transition to franchising showcases the profound opportunities that arise when a passion for helping others meets business acumen.

A Foundation in Wellness

Cheryl, a UK native, has been an entrepreneur since she was 21. Her entrepreneurial spirit runs deep; she is familiar with the hard work and perseverance needed to start something new. Throughout most of Cheryl's career, she has worked in the health and wellness industry, directly engaging with consumers and leading a team of wellness professionals. Her experience in this industry has instilled in her a deep commitment to prioritizing attention to detail and quality service in her business practices.

After volunteering for a dog rescue charity in recent years, Cheryl realized that she was not ready to retire. On the contrary, she felt invigorated and ready for a new adventure that would utilize her years of business experience and her passion for serving others.

The Shift to Home Services    

While exploring new business opportunities, Cheryl noticed a significant need for attention to detail and customer care in the home service industry. "I've always thrived in environments where precision and client satisfaction were paramount," she states. "I saw an opportunity in the home service industry to make a difference, and I wanted to elevate the standard of service."

Embracing HorsePower Brands and Blingle!    

During her research, Cheryl was more interested in the franchise route because she wanted the benefits of a company's structure and support instead of starting from scratch. While she looked at a few companies, the approach and value of HorsePower Brands really stood out. HorsePower is deeply committed to surpassing customer expectations by offering high-quality service, clear communication, and timely project completion, perfectly matching Cheryl's needs.

"I really liked what HorsePower Brands was doing and felt really comfortable with them," she states "I think they are going to grow into a force in the industry."

As she examined the different brands under HorsePower's umbrella, Blingle! caught Cheryl's attention. "This brand just really spoke to me, and I saw it as something I could truly immerse myself in," Cheryl states. "The lighting industry overall is very uplifting, be it holiday, landscape, or the incredible technology of permanent lighting. This is a joyful purchase that brings happiness to clients."

What particularly drew Cheryl to Blingle! and HorsePower Brands wasn't just value but the robust business model and the people behind both brands. "They gave us so much information and as many meetings as I wanted, and they allowed us to speak to other franchisees, too," Cheryl states. "To see that genuine care for franchisees and to have such high-quality support, that was really impressive and a huge draw for me."

Deepening Community Impact and Growth    

In April, Cheryl opened her Blingle! franchise in the Greater Naples, Florida, area. She is dedicated to growing her business, nurturing her team, and positively impacting her community, particularly in areas affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian.    

"Being part of the local rebuilding efforts gives a whole new meaning to our work," Cheryl notes. "We're not just installing lights; we're helping to bring hope and brightness back to our community." Each project undertaken by her team is more than a task; it's an opportunity to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to excellence and community service.

Are you interested in a business opportunity that combines entrepreneurial passion with making a difference? Contact Blingle! today to start your franchise journey.