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Father's Day Spotlight: Brett Benson's Entrepreneurial Success With Blingle!

Father's Day is a time to honor and celebrate the dedication and hard work of fathers everywhere. This year, we highlight Brett Benson, a devoted father of four and successful Blingle! franchisee whose journey showcases the powerful combination of an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to family. 

The Appeal of Franchising

Located in Mequon, Wisconsin, Brett Benson has been a franchisee with Blingle! for a year and a half. Before franchising, Brett worked on the Chicago Board of Trade floor. However, as technology evolved, Brett found his career path altered and began searching for new opportunities, specifically in franchising.

For Brett, choosing to go the franchise route was a strategic choice. "Coming out of the trade industry, my skill set was very specific. I tried working in the corporate world but soon realized I needed to carve my own path," he says. "Franchising seemed like a good fit because starting a business from scratch didn't seem realistic, especially with my commitment to my children."

While researching new opportunities, Brett learned about Blingle! from a franchise consultant. When he noticed the brand's value and impact on the service industry, he was immediately attracted to it.

"Blingle! is leaps and bounds above what our competitors can provide. It's not just the products, but the whole customer service experience," Brett explains. "I saw Blingle! as a marketing engine with a very appealing name, delivering a 21st-century experience and a relevant approach to service."

Balancing Fatherhood and Business

Brett's four children—two boys aged 12 and 20 and two girls aged 14 and 16—are the central part of his life. He notes that balancing business ownership with fatherhood requires careful planning and prioritization. "My office and warehouse are just a mile away, so I can be close when my kids need me. It's all about being organized and finding a way to balance everything." The Blingle! model, with its strong support and training, has enabled Brett to find that balance between running a successful business and being an engaged father.

"The training was a solid foundation and starting point," Brett recalls. "We had a week-long training session covering everything from CRM systems to landscape and permanent lighting installs. The continuous re-education and support have been invaluable."

Brett credits key figures like Nels Peterson, a world-class lighting designer, for significantly enhancing the franchise experience. "Nels is the most connected person in low-voltage lighting and brings so much to the table. His involvement has been key to our success."

Community Impact and Future Vision

Brett's commitment to his community is evident through his various volunteer activities. "I light up festivals for the 4th of July, do lighting for the city of Mequon and Grafton, and support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night event," he says. His efforts extend to multiple chambers of commerce and the Metropolitan Builders Association.

Looking ahead, Brett plans to help build Blingle! into a household name in Southeast Wisconsin. "My goal is to give my kids a great life through this business—pay for their college, weddings, and more," Brett states. "Success doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication, but the sky's the limit if you put in the effort."

When you franchise with Blingle!, you get the foundation to build your own long-lasting business. Are you ready to start achieving your entrepreneurial dreams? Contact Blingle! today.