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Blingle Lights up AOLP: A Showcase of Growth and Excellence

Blingle AOLP
Blingle's presence at the recent AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals) Conference in San Antonio was nothing short of illuminating. A delegation comprising Blingle Franchise Group (Blingle FG) employees and Blingle franchisees descended upon the event, marking a significant moment for the brand and its network of passionate lighting professionals.

Building Confidence Through Connection

Nels Peterson, VP of Blingle, outlined the primary mission of attending the AOLP Conference: to instill confidence within the team. By fostering interactions with industry peers nationwide and exchanging insights on diverse sales processes and practices, Blingle's attendees were able to expand their horizons and deepen their understanding of the landscape lighting business.
The results were impressive. Seven Blingle members are now fully enrolled in the coveted COLD (Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer) program. Six are now progressing through the first year, a rigorous journey involving hands-on elements of a landscape lighting project. Furthermore, in a milestone achievement, one Blingle franchisee, Todd Lawrence - owner of Blingle of Nashville West, has completed the COLP (Certified Outdoor Lighting Professional) certification—the first in the network to do so.

Support at the Highest Level

Tony Hulbert, CEO of HorsePower Brands, was present to reinforce the brand's commitment to its franchisees. By participating in a meet-and-greet session, Tony and the franchisees discussed the future trajectory of Blingle, engaging with key industry figures and enthusiasts eager to be part of the lighting community.
With 27 Blingle representatives in attendance, the company marked its largest contingent to date, a testament to the enthusiasm and unity within the Blingle family. This strong presence didn't go unnoticed, as the conference itself was the largest and most attended in AOLP history.

Inspiration and Financial Insights

Zees—Blingle's franchisees—found inspiration and enrichment through interactions with fellow business owners. Kevin Jones, Group President, noted that the Zees were particularly captivated by a speaker who delved into the financial intricacies of running an outdoor lighting business, sparking conversations about revenue and business growth.
One standout session was Todd Lawrence's COLD presentation, which received top marks from judges and was instrumental in bolstering several other Blingle Franchisee's confidence to tackle the COLD Program as well. Such educational opportunities not only enhanced their technical and business acumen but also allowed the Zees to socialize, reinforcing the strong community ethos that Blingle embodies.

The Blingle Effect

The conference proved to be a fertile ground for relationship-building. For Kevin, it was a prime opportunity to transition from phone calls and emails to face-to-face interactions, allowing for a richer, more personal connection with the Zees. The event also showcased the dramatic evolution of individuals within the franchise, from industry newcomers to proficient designers and savvy business operators, leaving a lasting impression on seasoned professionals.

A Unified Vision for the Future

Blingle's participation in the AOLP Conference has sparked renewed enthusiasm among its franchisees, leaving them invigorated and optimistic about the future prospects of their businesses. The experience has vividly illustrated the power of community, the strength of the Blingle brand, and the bright future that lies ahead for every member of the Blingle family.
As we look back on this monumental event, it's clear that Blingle is not just about providing exceptional lighting solutions—it's about creating a collaborative, supportive, and ambitious network that shines as brightly as the lights we install.