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Enhancing Community Living: Associa Partners with HorsePower Brands

In a move that promises to elevate the standard of home maintenance within community-managed properties, Associa Advantage Inc., a subsidiary of the renowned community management company Associa, has recently announced a strategic partnership with HorsePower Brands, a powerhouse in the home services franchising industry. This collaboration is set to bring a wide array of essential home maintenance services directly to the doorsteps of residents in Associa-managed communities across the United States.

A Suite of Home Services at Your Fingertips

Under this new partnership, homeowners, and team members in Associa communities will gain access to an extensive range of services designed to repair, maintain, and enhance their homes. From the aesthetics of blinds, fencing, and painting to the functionality of glass and windows, insulation, lawn care, lighting, and roofing, the services covered are as comprehensive as they are high-quality. This initiative not only aims to simplify home maintenance tasks but also to ensure that residents can enjoy a higher quality of life within their communities.

The HorsePower Advantage

HorsePower Brands stands out for its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and delivering exceptional customer service, quality, and innovation within the home services sector. With a family of brands that includes Mighty Dog Roofing, Blingle Premier Lighting, and Groovy Hues Painting, among others, HorsePower Brands brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success to this partnership. Jennifer Shannon, President of Associa Advantage, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “Associa is pleased to put HorsePower Brands’ wide range of high-quality home maintenance services at the fingertips of our community partners, homeowners and team members.”

Redefining Homeowner Experiences

This partnership is more than just a convenience; it's a game-changer for homeowners. Tony Hulbert, CEO of HorsePower Brands, highlighted the shared goal of the home service experience for community partners, “We are excited to join forces with Associa in this strategic partnership. Together, we aim to redefine the home service experience for community partners in the Associa-managed communities. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing the overall homeowner experience.” The synergy between Associa's community management prowess and HorsePower Brands' service expertise is expected to result in unparalleled service quality and homeowner satisfaction.

Looking Forward

As Associa and HorsePower Brands embark on this journey together, the outlook for community living standards and homeowner experiences within Associa-managed properties is incredibly promising. This partnership not only reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of residents but also sets a new benchmark for quality and convenience in home maintenance services.

Stay connected with Associa and HorsePower Brands to keep abreast of this exciting partnership and the many benefits it will bring to communities across the nation. Visit Associa and HorsePower Brands for more information and follow the journey on social media to witness the transformation of community living.