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Illuminating Success: Patrick Purtell's Journey with Blingle! Franchise

Blingle and HorsePower Brands continue to spotlight the synergy between franchisor support and franchisee success. Patrick Purtell, a passionate Blingle General Manager, shares his insights on steering a Blingle franchise to prosperity. He emphasizes the pivotal role the HorsePower Brands and Blingle corporate teams play in fostering growth and community connection.

The Path to Blingle

Before joining Blingle, Patrick Purtell was the Senior Vice President at a commercial real estate firm. He had previous business ownership experience and was interested in returning to a similar role. Seeking a career shift to align with his entrepreneurial goals, Patrick circulated his resume and began exploring new opportunities. This endeavor connected him with Paul Leone, the owner of a Blingle franchise in South Boston.

“In the sense of career changes, I don’t move very quickly, but during our first conversation, I immediately saw such a huge potential with Blingle because of my experience building and selling companies,” Patrick states. “When I’m mentoring somebody in business, I’m constantly telling them to look for those ideas that meet people’s needs that they don’t know they have yet. The Blingle concept appeals to that belief.”

Patrick joined that location shortly as the General Manager, getting to run the business while Paul funds it. “I get to be creative and build something, and I get to talk to potential owners thinking of buying into the Blingle franchise,” Patrick states. “I tell them that you're not just building a local franchise but a national brand. It’s a lot of hard work, but once you really start building it and get 1-2 years into it, it becomes really fun.” 

HorsePower’s Support and Advice to Potential Franchisees

Patrick praises the support from HorsePower Brands, highlighting the collective wisdom within the franchise network. “I have a group chat where I talk to other HorsePower Brands franchisees, and they always mention the great ideas that HorsePower not only comes up with, but how they listen and implement ideas,” he states. “Any franchisor like Horsepower Brands who listens to what their franchisees are saying and makes the changes needed to ensure franchise success…that’s priceless.” 

During his first year at HorsePower Brands, Patrick experienced the company's pricing overhaul, which resulted in substantial savings for his location and others, amounting to thousands of dollars.

 “I’ve only been around for a short time, but I can honestly say that I’ve watched them make tough decisions and make the right changes for their franchisees.”

A Rewarding Franchise Opportunity

As the General Manager, Patrick has played a pivotal role in steering his location to success, focusing on the operational and community-oriented aspects. For Patrick, the most rewarding aspect of the Blingle franchise opportunity is the impact he sees in his customers. “I tell people all the time, how can you go wrong? You’re lighting up somebody’s life,” Patrick states. “It may sound corny, but it’s true. One of our first customers was a woman who was so excited she was jumping up and down the second we turned the lights on! That showed me that it doesn't matter how difficult the job is; the minute you turn those lights on, everything will be alright.”

Patrick is excited about expanding Blingle's reach in the market. He believes the franchise has excellent growth potential, influenced by positive customer experiences and dedicated franchisees motivated to make a broader impact. “We want to open another franchise in Massachusetts, and I want to be a partner in that.”

Franchising with Blingle and HorsePower Brands allows you to follow your entrepreneurial dreams and make a difference in your community. Contact Blingle today to learn more about franchise opportunities.