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Steering Blingle Franchisees to Success: A Leadership Spotlight on Nels Peterson


Nels Peterson

Blingle is delighted to celebrate Nels Peterson, Vice President and Brand Leader, whose profound impact and vision continue to propel Blingle and its franchisees forward. With decades of experience in the lighting industry, Nels's journey and strategic initiatives at Blingle highlight his dedication to excellence, innovation, and supporting franchisees.

A Beacon of Expertise

Nels had a strong interest in lighting before he joined Blingle. He started his first landscape lighting project at the age of 10 and later worked at a local lighting studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota, during his twenties. He would then establish his own lighting company even amidst the challenging economic landscape of 2008. Nels’ experience in the industry and unwavering passion for lighting have helped provide a strong foundation for his role in helping franchisees at Blingle. 

“I grew up on a farm and around the outdoors and was always mesmerized by landscapes and lighting them,” Nels states. “Landscape lighting was once new to me, but I always had that passion for lighting landscapes and people’s homes up, I just loved it.”

Illuminating Blingle's Path

Decades later, Nels was introduced to an opportunity to join the Blingle family, where Josh Skolnick, the owner of HorsePower Brands, recruited him. Nels joined Blingle in 2022 and has been a pivotal force in enhancing franchisee support and expanding the brand’s market reach. “The owner of HorsePower Brands, Josh Skolnick, is why I chose to join Blingle,” Nels states. “His genuine interest and dedication to every one of the franchisees is very uncommon, and I believe in that.”

His role involves not just overseeing operations but actively enriching the franchisee experience through hands-on guidance and strategic development. "As VP and Brand Leader at Blingle, my day is all about empowering our franchisees to shine,” Nels states. “From fostering their confidence to assisting them in day-to-day operations and introducing them to key industry players, my goal is to light up their path to success."

Leadership That Lights the Way

Nels’ experiences and professional interactions deeply influence his leadership style at Blingle. He believes in a partnership approach and constantly strives to advocate for franchisees and give them reliable advice. His leadership is not just about overseeing; it's about actively participating and enabling.

"I work for the franchisee, leadership is about being their consultant, designer, and advocate,” Nels states. “I believe that through this approach, we can create a strong community of franchisees that support one another and continue on a rigorous growth path.”

Strategic Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Nels has set ambitious goals for Blingle. His vision for our franchise brand includes expanding our network, leveraging high-quality fixtures and innovative designs, and solidifying Blingle’s position as a leader in landscape lighting across the United States.

"We are on a mission to become the largest landscape lighting company in the nation," Nels asserts. "Our focus isn’t just on selling fixtures; it’s about crafting unparalleled outdoor experiences for our customers and creating lasting relationships."

A Legacy of Light

Under Nels’ leadership, Blingle empowers franchisees to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and brighten communities nationwide. His commitment to the brand and its people reflects Blingle’s core values and shows just how bright the company’s future can be.

"Every day at Blingle is an opportunity to make a difference,” Nels states. “The most exciting part of my job is seeing our work's real impact on both our franchisees and the communities they light up. And I believe the best is yet to come."

Are you interested in franchising with a brand dedicated to innovation and committed to supporting you on your business journey? Contact Blingle today to learn more.